A Side of Broken Bones

by Dægur

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A child born from a broken wrist, crazy love shit, sexual frustration, loneliness, insomnia, and lots of other bullshit like dealing with college and all of the weird stuff that goes along with that part of life, this album is the untapped thoughts and exploration of an Icelandic 18 year old.

Lyrics are accompanied by a cloud of noise called the guitar and myriad of other instruments and noises, including, but not limited to: singing.

Payment is not necessary, as I am not a well oiled corporate monster trying to steal your money with my music, but of course, I will not object if you do make a donation. Enjoy!


released February 6, 2015

Dagur (Day) Gudmundsson, vocals, guitar, bass, keyboards, drums, noise, off key whining, and sex noises
Produced by Dagur Gudmundsson
Mixed and Mastered by Dagur Gudmundsson



all rights reserved


Dægur San Luis Obispo, California

Dægur is the product of the world's smallest large man swimming in a pool of guitars filtered through dust particles scattered through the air of a small tiny apartment with enough room for the large man but nothing else. So here is where everything else is stored. It's tax free, gotta love that right? ... more

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Track Name: Graduation (The Walk of Fame)
The meaning of words has been changing
Do you remember we used to be friends?
Do you remember way back then?

I woke up on the wrong side
Throwing off my day
The world once seemed so small
But as it grows we haven't grown at all

And now I
Barely look out my window
In fear of seeing what you have become
In fear of wishing what I could have done

I wish I could radiate
Confidence like you ask
But I hate who I've become
And my change is on the run..
Track Name: Road Weary
Somebody never told you to leave
This is not where you're supposed to be
I've never been better
Always feel the same
Never been anything but a pawn in this game to you

So tired of walking this road
I feel so fucking old
It seems to go on and on and on and on
Forever in doubt
So tired that I can't see
It's all shrouded in mysteries
Looking for a perfect fit
I'm a fucking hypocrite

These walls are caving in
Claustrophobic anaerobic breathing
I never catch my breath while we're up in flames
The come down always feels the same
I breathe out to breathe you in
But you always escape when I let you in
Track Name: Point Lobos
I've never been afraid of changing
I like the fresh air it gives
Always been used to losing
I'm gaining ground the wrong way back

You won't be sleeping in my bed
Those days are long past
And where are all the bottles
So I can drink it all away

Where is your girlfriend from back then?
Still wrapped around her thumb
She's sleeping with your best friend
I hope she doesn't have too much fun

Where are you now...
Track Name: Let Down
I wanna be one of the people that you meet
When you're feeling down
I want to be the one beside you
Someone you keep around

But I'm always let down
Yeah I'm always let down

I want to find you in the shadows
You make me feel right
See you in the morning
You make the day feel bright
Yeah you make it right
You make it bright
You make me feel alright
Yeah you make me right
Track Name: Life Has Shadows
Always used to being sad
Always finding worse nights
Need to find myself a lie
To keep me warm if it’s alright

Life has shadows
Life has shadows
We live in shadows
Never turn
We live in shadows
Never turn away

Never was just you and I
I highly doubt I’ll find a wife
I miss your smile and your lips
I miss the feeling of your kiss
Track Name: Insomnia
In the countryside
On a sunny day I
I'm lying on my back
And I'm staring at
What could have been and
It seems so far away

Do you remember when
You left your clothes in my bed
As we rolled to the floor
And the feeling of
Your skin on mine
It brings fractures to my heart

La la la la
I don't sleep
I don't sleep anymore
Track Name: Carmel by the Sea
Flying by windows
A look inside
I see all these people
Living their lives
Why are they living
Better than I?
I see their love life
Is more active than mine

And I'm feeling like a
Looking down over a

Always so alone that
I'm a crowd to myself
And I wonder why I
Don't have a wife
And I wonder why I
Don't have a life
And I wonder...
Track Name: Walk of Shame
Far away
It's hardly worth it
To stay away
I hardly can´t wait

But this time I will change
This time I'll be different you'll see
This time I will change
A different name and a different city, yeah

I fought today
I fought away the consumer nation
And it ate away
It ate away my reputation
Track Name: Nocturnal
Take it slowly
Take me there
Pictures blurring
Painting on the walls

She needs some answers
Answers are scarce
I’m scared
Haven’t called lately
She hasn’t called at all
Take me there

And when she finds me
She finds me there
Where she takes me
Away from here
And she takes me
To better places
And she takes me there

Stare at the windows
The condensing air
I stop to stare
Through the window
She’s standing there
So close so far
Track Name: Lately
I've been blinding my lovers
To keep them from watching
Who I have become
And maybe
I could look to the future
Close my eyes and wander
What could I become?

And I hold on
To watch my life turn on
In this motion picture
It drips from the screen

And maybe
If I could close these feelings
Lock them up in the ceiling
Maybe I'd come undone
But this time
I can't go much further
Cause when the going gets tougher
I'll turn back around

And my days are weary
In this body I carry
And I dream of leading
A better life
And my bones are heavy
And my body is wearing me down
And I'm tired of carrying
This life