A Very Sad Album

by Dægur

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An album that mentions itself in the title... it's either very meta, or very pretentious, or even both. It's a relatively varied album with dance songs, pop songs, rock songs, and very dreamy shoegaze-y songs. If you enjoy any of those types of songs you might just enjoy this album. If not, well then you might still enjoy this album, there's no judging on my part.

Also, I should mention that this album is free to be downloaded, but I am a poor college student so I am not opposed to any payments that come my way. Now I've gotten my corporate spiel out of the way.

So in summary, if an Icelandic maniac making noises from instruments sounds appealing to you, this might be something worth checking out. It's very angsty, there's humor in there, there's some genuinely sad moments on it, there's also some very laughable moments, some intentional, others just unintentional because I'm an angsty young man with many feelings, sexual or otherwise, to put into songs.

So go out there (where?) and enjoy this album for all of its noises.


released November 12, 2015

Dagur (Day) Gudmundsson: Noise that sounds like singing, various guitar noises, bass, screaming sounds, drum programming, background noises, moaning, songwriting, and word making.

General Cal Poly population: Background noises that you can't even hear.



all rights reserved


Dægur San Luis Obispo, California

Dægur is the product of the world's smallest large man swimming in a pool of guitars filtered through dust particles scattered through the air of a small tiny apartment with enough room for the large man but nothing else. So here is where everything else is stored. It's tax free, gotta love that right? ... more

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Track Name: Feeling Good
I don't know what it is but nothing feels good anymore
The things that should feel good
Well they just don't

It's so sad to see how this always turns out
Washed away in the wind
The leaves scattered all over the ground
Stepped on by everyone else
It's so sad to see how this always turns out
Rotting away in the wind
The leaves turn to dust in the sun
Just like everything else
Track Name: A Very Sad Song
I’m glad this one
Wasted her time with me
Through sad songs
And wasted hours waiting
It was not my fault
This ended this way maybe
Still it stings like salt
Rubbed in open sores

And sad songs
Never did it for you
I tried for long
To make something more appealing

You’re never lost
Unless you’re looking for something
I highly doubt
You have something to look for
Time runs out
During slower moments
Hear the sounds
The clock tick slower away

But mad love
Never found its way to you
Settle down
Nothing ever goes nowhere
Track Name: The One Eyed Fish
So they say
Always trying to feel nothing
I’m always feeling something
Yet we all, crave
Feelings of feeling nothing
Feelings make us feel rotten

Yet we all try try
Nothing abides

Chorus 1:
I’m unsatisfied
With thinking that I’ll go down as
At least he tried
To feel something more than nothing
I’m tired of feeling rotten

Well this time
I’ll try my best to be someone
I’ll try hard to be someone
That you could like
Without feeling rotten
Don’t want you to be forgotten

Yet we all try
But nothing abides

You’re unsatisfied
With the type of man that I am
But you know I’m only human
So squeeze the life
Out of my throat or something
Anatomy always confused me
You always confused me
All of these feelings I’m feeling
Nothing ever compares to this

One and two don’t add up to me and you
I’ve always been bad at math so don’t blame me

Now I’m a satellite
Watching from outer space
As you leave your life
I’m getting high on my feelings
I’m tired of feeling this way
I’m tired of feeling this way...
Track Name: The Second Amendment
You have a lease on
You had a lease on my heart
Until you violated my second amendment rights
I can’t carry
These weapons to keep me safe
Inside my heart from your sick mind

You’re shooting me down
Every single time
Yet I can’t carry a gun to defend myself
You’re being stupid
Such a hypocrite
Make sure you shoot faster than I run

And if I never
Come out of this alive
I’ll tear you down
From the inside
And if you never
Come to tear me down
Be sure to write a letter
From the other side
Track Name: The Force is Strong With This One
Have you ever
The pesticides
I use in my mind
Well I try
Emotionless I’m taking apart
Take apart
The bad parts

Now she’s on the sidelines
She’s on the outskirts of my mind
She’s resigned
From being the worst thing in my mind
And now I’m all alone
Taking everything
I get my hands on until I feel nothing

Now the weed growth
The clarity I used to find
Yet I
To clarify what used to be my mind

She says I’m stuck in the past
She says I’m bringing it all back
Why do I bring up the past
Is it because I want you back?
Do I want you back?
Do I want you back

Last Chorus;
Now you’re on the sidelines
You’re on the outskirts of my mind
You’ve been resigned
From being the worst thing in my mind
And now I’m all alone
Taking everything
I get my hands on until I feel nothing
Track Name: Surrounded by the Dark Side
There’s an empty line
To the parking structure on the sixth floor high
And I feel so alive
Standing at the edge of a hell of night

And everybody wants an out
To escape from these poisonous clouds
I can hardly breathe
Through cemetery smells and clouded beliefs
I found a way out
To escape from myself
I can barely see
Through dead eyes and dirt on my sleeves

She’s been raising hell
To get to where she deserves to be
Overly anxious
Her shaking hands, heart attack is a relief
Track Name: A Side of Broken Bones
Can’t believe it’s been forever
All the cards look the same
Can’t look into the mirror
There no need to feel this way

Can’t stand your orders
A side of broken bones
And it’s carried in your shoulders
The letters you stole

Never been better
Nothing lasts forever
Track Name: Hidden Smile
In these cities
Around all this flesh and bones
Panic attacks
Around these people
All of these people
Get me out of here

Have you ever been one
One of a kind?
Did you even try
Have you ever seen one
Someone who lasts a night
Being someone else?

A lot of words get
Get thrown out the door
Because they fit tight
I’m suffocating
Between these spoken words
Too many people

Sometimes it takes a while
To find where I lost my smile
Sometimes it doesn’t work
I keep it hidden away
For moments where I can hide
The tears I’d like to cry
Track Name: It's a Trap!
Oh man he’s taken back alright
But does he feel okay?
The lottery is open
Winner can fly to the moon
The lots are all vacant
But he’s got no excuse
A life full of wonder
Full of lust for his soul
He can see clearly
No grip nor control

Have you ever been away for a while?
I’m starting to see
Clearly on the horizon is a place for me
And it all takes a while
To get under my toes again
Filter out the thoughts of friends

This one’s a lawyer
He’s holding his shoes
He’s going home to take care of the blues
Put them in the closet
And take the next step
Feel the rope, tighten around his neck

Have you ever felt a noose
Tightening around your neck
Grasping your last breath
And did you hear the news?
They’re coming to save us all
So line up against the wall
One by one
Track Name: Marionette
Dark shapes, and silhouettes
The paint is splattered on the floor
All over my clothes, all over the door
I try not to understand
The things I try, the things I do
I do to get away from you
But I try
To understand
It’s a hard, thing to do
I’m trying to figure out, how to see this through
Death comes to all of us, not just me and you
I try, to figure out
The things I try, the things I do
I do to get away from you
It’s not me, it’s not my fault
My body is not under my control
My limbs are lost, to a phantom seize
A marionette the strings are on me
I recognize a lost cause
I am one such cause
I try to understand
The things I try, the things I do
I do to get away from you
It’s all my fault
Not my fault
Whatever you decide is on your mind
I try to understand