Bees That Scream at Men

by Dægur

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Proven to increase your stamina during sexual intercourse, this EP will fuck you up man. Literally.

It's been in the creation for over a year in some form or another, and it definitely has a very space-y feel to it. Not that it conjures images of being in space, I think that I just need to put some term onto it to sell this. Not that you need to buy it, I'm not going to force you to pay me, but if you happen to find something in this EP that you enjoy, totally feel free to drop me a few bucks by buying the album. I could always use a few dollars.


You could also label this album as shoegaze in some form, there's a ton of guitars on all of the songs making weird noises and the songs are all best played at very loud volumes, as the guitars are loud. So hopefully you find that enjoyable. If you're looking for the next Taylor Swift or Jack Johnson or some other total shit music (I AM LOOKING AT YOU KALEO) this is not it, so just a heads up, don't even bother listening to this if that's what you're after. If you enjoy some long ass songs about nothing not sexual, and 30 guitars on every song, give this a listen, you might enjoy it. Maybe not. I don't know. I'm not omniscient.


released January 30, 2017

Me, myself, and my hands.

Thanks to Elise for putting up with me making these noises, I appreciate it.



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Dægur San Luis Obispo, California

Dægur is the product of the world's smallest large man swimming in a pool of guitars filtered through dust particles scattered through the air of a small tiny apartment with enough room for the large man but nothing else. So here is where everything else is stored. It's tax free, gotta love that right? ... more

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