In a Galaxy, Far Far Away​.​.​.

by Dægur

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The galaxy is at war, and a new EP has been born to fight the evil Sith lords of America with sounds born out of the mind of Icelandic 19 year old not-quite-yet Jedi warrior Dagur Gudmundsson. Lightsabers clash, romance is born, friends are killed, and limbs are cut off in this short but sweet EP.

Do not fear, as that leads to anger, which we all know leads to the dark side of the force. Give it a listen and join in the journey across the stars and through weird sounds worthy of the great Jabba the Hut himself.


released May 21, 2015

Dagur Gudmundsson recorded, produced, wrote, and performed all the songs/instruments/noises/sex sounds/vocals/sounds of singing



all rights reserved


Dægur San Luis Obispo, California

Dægur is the product of the world's smallest large man swimming in a pool of guitars filtered through dust particles scattered through the air of a small tiny apartment with enough room for the large man but nothing else. So here is where everything else is stored. It's tax free, gotta love that right? ... more

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Track Name: The Force is Strong With This One
Have you ever
The pesticides
I use in my mind
Well I try
Emotionless I’m taking apart
Take apart
The bad parts

Now she’s on the sidelines
She’s on the outskirts of my mind
She’s resigned
From being the worst thing in my mind
And now I’m all alone
Taking everything
I get my hands on until I feel nothing

Now the weed growth
The clarity I used to find
Yet I
To clarify what used to be my mind

She says I’m stuck in the past
She says I’m bringing it all back
Why do I bring up the past
Is it because I want you back?
Do I want you back?
Do I want you back

Last Chorus;
Now you’re on the sidelines
You’re on the outskirts of my mind
You’ve been resigned
From being the worst thing in my mind
And now I’m all alone
Taking everything
I get my hands on until I feel nothing
Track Name: Surrounded by the Dark Side
There’s an empty line
To the parking structure on the sixth floor high
And I feel so alive
Standing at the edge of a hell of night

And everybody wants an out
To escape from these poisonous clouds
I can hardly breathe
Through cemetery smells and clouded beliefs
I found a way out
To escape from myself
I can barely see
Through dead eyes and dirt on my sleeves

She’s been raising hell
To get to where she deserves to be
Overly anxious
Her shaking hands, heart attack is a relief
Track Name: It's a Trap!
Oh man he’s taken back alright
But does he feel okay?
The lottery is open
Winner can fly to the moon
The lots are all vacant
But he’s got no excuse
A life full of wonder
Full of lust for his soul
He can see clearly
No grip nor control

Have you ever been away for a while?
I’m starting to see
Clearly on the horizon is a place for me
And it all takes a while
To get under my toes again
Filter out the thoughts of friends

This one’s a lawyer
He’s holding his shoes
He’s going home to take care of the blues
Put them in the closet
And take the next step
Feel the rope, tighten around his neck

Have you ever felt a noose
Tightening around your neck
Grasping your last breath
And did you hear the news?
They’re coming to save us all
So line up against the wall
One by one
Track Name: Do or Do Not, There is No Try
There are some days
I don’t even try to stand up
I can barely sit down to speak
These broken limbs
Hanging from my body
Should I even begin to try

Try to pick up the pieces
These broken wings to fly on
When all I need is
To fix the broken lungs I shout on

And in the moments
Between drowsy sleep
I hope to find some peace
Yet the happy feelings
Only come to me
When I’m not sober and need to sleep